Part 3 – Greed

Pastor Glen Johnson

Sermon Details/Notes

We’re doing a series called “MOOD” and just kind of getting into some things here with moods and different stuff. But, I thought I’d start off with a little funny this morning.

There was a guy that bought his mother-in-law a gift, expensive gift for Christmas, one year and he got her a grave plot. I don’t know if that’s a good thing to buy your mother-in-law. So, the next year he didn’t buy her a gift and she said, “Well! Why didn’t you buy me a gift?” He said, “Well! You didn’t use the one I got you last year! I wouldn’t tell it, if your mom was here! I was going to say it was from me but I decided to make it a third person, just so I wouldn’t get myself in trouble with that.

Turn your Bibles to proverbs chapter 4. We’re doing a series called MOOD and just picking up six different thoughts and processes, some good some bad. But, I was thinking about this in proverbs chapter 4 And let me just stop and pray just a second, I got a friend of mine, that we spoke at this conference this last week and one of my friends, pastor friends was up on a rock and he fell 15 feet. And he hit his back and he shattered his back in three places, one of the Burberry’s shattered but he’s moving everything and he’s in surgery, as we speak over to Manuel Hospital. He’s a pastor friend of mine. So, let’s just pray right now. Father! I just thank you for the guiding the surgeon’s hands. We sang about the blood, we cover him with the blood of Jesus this morning. That blood never loses its power. So, I thank you the face Center Church is agreed in prayer for the total and 100% healing of Greg, in Jesus name we pray and if you agree with that, do say Amen.

I was listening to pastor Larry speak last night, at the recovery service, I wasn’t here last night but I listened to it. And I loved what he was saying because a lot of what he was saying, was right out of our Bible school. And I want to just encourage, if you’re not part of a credited Bible School, I want you to get involved and get, you know our University, you can get your doctorate degree in theology with us and you can become really really smart. Alright! So, proverbs chapter 4 verse 20 says this, “He says my son give attention to my words, incline your ears to my saying, do not let them depart from your eyes, keep in the midst of your heart for their life and those that find them in health all the flesh. Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it springs the issues of life.” Or the word issues there, literally mean the forces of life; the borders of life. Now he says, “watch your heart”, it’s so important we watch our heart because our whole life is determined by what comes out of our heart.

Matthew says it this way in Chapter 12 and verse 35. He says, “The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things. An evil man, out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil things.” So, we bring forth out of our heart, if you want to know what your heart looks like, just look at your life. What does your life consist of? Because you bring forth out of your heart. So, I always just say this, you change your heart, you change your life. You change what’s in your thinking, you change what’s in your soul, you’ll change the manifestation on the outside also.

So, we’re dealing with some situations, we’re dealing with some moods and we got to make sure that our mood doesn’t become our condition. So, in other words, we talked about anger, make sure that anger is controlled in your life because of anger is in control of your life then it becomes our condition of life. Now joy, that pastor Seth talked about last week, joy can become, we hope joy becomes your condition in life. But, we got to make sure of that. Now, how many of you’ve ever heard of this guy, Pistol Pete Maravich? How many of you have ever heard of Pistol Pete Maravich? How many of you have never heard of Pistol Pete Maravich? Yeah! That’s what I thought! You’re just a sad generation. Pistol Pete Maravich was my idol, basketball Idol growing up. Pistol Pete Maravich was the kind of guy, he kind of invented the, you know he was kind of like the Magic Johnson of the time, you know. He was just one of the best passers and he just had all these moves and crazy things; and he looked this way and pass that way and now, it’s pretty common place but Pistol Pete was amazing. We all had the high-top shoes and we wore big wool socks with, you know it’s all sloppy down because we wanted to be like Pistol Pete Maravich.

And Pistol Pete was you know, he averaged in his life for his career in college. Listen to this now, now this was before the three-point line. He averaged 44.5 points a game in college, he was playing for LSU and he added 44.5 points per game average, over 33 games, I think it was. And he still holds all the NCAA records for scoring and was an amazing basketball player in college and a pretty decent pro player. And man, the guy could just the guy could just play basketball. Well! At 40-years old, he was playing a pickup game and he gotten bored again, he got saved and on fire for God and he was playing a pickup game. How’d you like to play a pickup game with Pistol Pete Maravich? It’s like, “No! I would just watch” you know. Even though, he’s 40 years old, he was playing with, I believe it was James Dobson, I think and a few of the guys he was playing with. And he’s 40 years old he’s playing a pickup game and in a.. some kind of a gymnasium, probably a Christian Church gymnasium and he had a heart attack and his heart blew up and he died, at 40 years old. They did an autopsy on him and they found out that he had, all his whole life, he had undetected heart problems that he had his whole entire life and they manifested that one day, but it was totally unknown and it destroyed his life because there was unknown heart problems, that he had. 40 years old, the guy lost his life. Now, thank God! He was saved and probably playing basketball in heaven and maybe, I’ll be able to compete with him in heaven because it sure wouldn’t be here on earth. But, our job as a pastor, is to make you aware of hidden problems that you might have in your heart. Things that can kind of come up and grab a hold of us. So, it’s my honor to speak on the subject of greed this morning. Greed! Because greed is something that if it’s left in the heart, can literally destroy your Christian life and so, we don’t want deceptive greed to be in your life and we’re going to talk to you about the whole thing today and different stuff but let’s roll this video.

**Video Compilation**

Open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 6 and verse 24. I like scriptures, I’m kind a simple guy, I think I’m intelligent but I’m simple. I like to see things just very simply put. I can live by scriptures, if you it and just says do this, then just I’ll do it. And I love scriptures like that, I don’t like you know, there’s not a lot of scriptures that are like that. The Bible is very clear on a lot of things but, I don’t like it when people get deep and complicated because the Bible is not that complicated. People talk about our Bible school they say, “Well, it’s kind of its kind of easy.” Well, the bible was meant to be easy. If you have a teacher in our Bible school, that’s flunking you because they’re too deep, then we got the wrong teacher because, the Bible is very, very easy for us to understand. So, he says this in Matthew chapter 6 verse 24 says, “No one can serve two masters.” Now, you know what no one means there, no one and you know what it means in Hebrew, no one. Do you know what it means in Greek? No one. That means no one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one, love the other or he’ll be loyal to the one, despise the other. You cannot! You know what cannot means? Cannot serve God and Mammon! So, these black and white scriptures basically, just tell us you’re either serving one or you’re serving the other. And I think if we’re if… I don’t think there’s any gray area here, it doesn’t leave us any gray area since you can’t serve God and Mammon. Now, in the process of looking at this word Mammon, it’s very interesting and well first off, let me give you a definition of greed.

Definition of greed, just basically, it’s trusting in material things rather than trusting God. If you plan to consume all you have on yourself, you’re a great candidate for greed. Greed is evidenced by our actions not our intentions. Let me say that again, greed is evident by our actions, not by our intentions. The word Mammon is used four times in the New Testament. Three of times, Jesus used it and another time, it was used in a different place. It’s a very interesting word, the word Mammon and people want to translate the word Mammon to money and it’s two separate things; money is not Mammon and Mammon is not money.
Mammon, is actually an Arabic word and it’s literally personified or if you will, I like to put it this way, maybe this is probably more appropriate for me to understand it, is Mammon is probably a demonic spirit behind our lives that gets into our lives. Mammon speaks to us, Mammon has a voice, Mammon has an interesting voice that manifests itself and speaks to us in different ways.

Now, Matthew chapter 6 also he said this, he said, “where your treasure is..” Matthew chapter 6 verse 21, he says, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. If you find your treasure, you will find your heart.” You know, those are black and white scriptures to me. If you find your treasure, you’ll find your heart and so many people want to somehow make this a, you know a “well I meant to” but the reality is, Jesus didn’t say that he said, “where you’ll find your treasure, you’ll find your heart.”
So, Theresa and I, often we think about this and I think about this. And I probably think about this at least once a week that, is my treasure where it’s supposed to be? Because if my treasure is there, I’m going to find my heart in that same place. If my treasure is not there, then my heart’s not there. And so, you can find your people, you know people, “I’m committed to my children. I’m committed my children” Yeah? But, you don’t support your children!

Well, then is your heart really there with that. You know, I mean, you can find out that your heart might be in different places and find out where your heart is; find out if your hearts in your house or your or your boat or your playthings or your vacations or you find out where your heart is, based upon where your treasure is. Jesus made it so simple that even I could understand it. Now money and Mammon have this little thing going on with them and I think the way we get into and hear the voice of Mammon, is probably found in the scripture in first Timothy chapter 6 verse 10 he says, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”
Mammon has an interesting voice. Mammon has this voice, that speaks to us about things, it speaks to us in our lives. Listen to this scripture in Matthew chapter 19 because we have a story of this guy, that Mammon began to speak to him. We call him the rich young ruler in Matthew chapter 19 and verse 16 says, “Now behold one came and said to him, “good teacher, what good thing shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?” So, he said to him, “why do you call me good for no one is good but one that is God but if you want to enter into life keep the commandments” and he said, “which ones”. Jesus says, “you shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you should not steal, you should not bear false witness, honor your father and mother and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” The young man said to him, “all these things have I kept from my youth, what do I still lack?” Jesus said to him, “If you want to be perfect, go and sell what you have and give to the poor and you have treasure in heaven and come follow me.” And the young man heard these sayings, he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions.”

Now, I don’t know about you but no place in the Bible does it ever say ever, any place is recorded anywhere else that Jesus actually called anybody to follow him, except for the 12 disciples and he’s telling this guy, I believe he’s saying this I mean, I could be wrong. Maybe it’s a misinterpretation but I’m just going by what the Bible says is, he says, sell what you have, you to the poor.. notice what he didn’t say, this is what we think it says. Sell what you have and give all to the poor. Jesus never said sell what you have and give all the poor. He said, sell what you have and give to the poor and follow me. So, Jesus wasn’t even telling him sell everything that you have, he just told him, sell what you have, give to the poor and follow me. And it seems to me, I could be wrong but it seems to me, that he’s asking him to become the thirteenth disciple. Seems to me! I mean, seems to me he is saying, you want to be my thirteenth disciple? I want you along with me, I want you on the team so, sell what you have, give to the poor and come and follow me!

And then, all of a sudden, this dude, he’s going along here, he’s built this way you know he’s a rich young ruler, I don’t know how young he was, maybe 30, maybe 25 maybe 35, something like that. And I’m sure he’s out there and he’s going to test Jesus. He’s going to do this thing, I could just see, if you know, he’s kind of this popular guy, so you know some of his buddies, there you know and they’re all standing around, “let’s go, let’s go check him out, let’s see what he’s got.”
So, he, the guy looks at him and says, “Hey! What commandment should do anyway, love your father, I do” and Jesus mentions this and he doesn’t mention this to anybody else in the Bible either, he says, “Well, one thing you lack.” I don’t know about Jesus but, I mean about you but Jesus has never come to me and said one thing you lack. He’s come to me and said 14 things you lack but, he’s never said this one thing you lack. And he told this guy so, just one thing you lack, go and sell what you have and give to the poor. And all of a sudden, I can hear that voice speak to him and that voice actually, brought forth an emotion from him; we’re talking about mood, we’re talking about emotion, it brought forth an emotion in him and it made him sorrowful. If your money and giving makes you sorrowful, then Mammon probably has a hold of your life. If you go away sorrowful and mad, then not… and Jesus just, he was an amazing guy. He knew how to just get the heart of people right there. Man! He just spoke to him and said one thing you lack, go and sell what you have.

Now, I was thinking about this, years ago back in 2000, my father passed and I don’t mind telling the story now, it’s farther, it’s you know, it’s down the road quite anyways. And my father had, with five kids and he would have had a lot more money but he was married four times and every time you get divorced you know, it’s like here’s half here’s half here’s half! And so, he was married four times and he was an alcoholic, died an alcoholic, the way my dad died, if you don’t know the way my dad died, he was, I mean I think he meant was a good man but alcohol took a hold of his life and the way my dad died was he would get so.. he retired from the campus paper mill. He was the poll coordinator for the campus paper mill, he was making about seventy thousand dollars a year, when he retired back in right around 95, somewhere when he retired. Making about $70,000 a year, had like you know 150 weeks of vacation per year, he had a gig going on. And my dad was, you know and he’d accumulated a little bit of money. And so, he accumulated, when it was all said and done, it was around $250,000 split five ways. So, all of us kids got about $50,000 in inheritance. And you know, praise the Lord, it was nice, you know praise the Lord for that. You know, my dad left it all to us and it was kind of weird reading his will and different things and he gave us $50,000. You know, I was the executive of the will.

So, I passed out and it took months to settle his estates and sell things and different stuff. And so, here comes the check into my life for $50,000. And Theresa and I’ve always been tithe, there’s we gave we are always givers, you know we tithe give offerings we consider ourselves to be generous givers. And that check came, I wrote out the check to all the brothers and sisters and wrote out the check and got a check for $50,000. And I could write a book on every thought that came to my reason, why I should not tithe off that money. I mean, it was amazing the sneaky little around the bend things that would come up around, I was like, I mean it was like excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse and mammon began to speak to me. And I did think what he was doing at that time was, it was trying to control my life and tested me for the future. And so, I not only wrote a check for $5,000 but I wrote a check for an extra thousand dollars just to shut mammon out of my life. I didn’t do it for the church, I did it for me because I didn’t want to hear the voice of Mammon in my life.

Mammon speaks to us in common ways. Mammon says stuff like this, it says stuff like, “If I had more, I could be a blessing.” You know, Jesus never said if you have more you could be a blessing, you don’t need money to be a blessing. So, you don’t have to have money to be a blessing. You can be a blessing in your everyday, you know on your everyday walk, you can volunteer your time. You don’t have to have money to be a blessing and don’t let Mammon tell you, you have to have money to be a blessing. Some people say, “Well, I either need a miracle or I need God to show up.” No, you just need God to show up. Mammon starts the highly camouflaged form of things like that.
Here’s another one, “When I really start making money, I’ll start really giving to the Lord.” “If I win the lottery, I’m going to really do something.”
Mammon will talk you right out of it, if you don’t do in the small things, you’ll never do it in the big things.

Did you know that, 70% percent of.. here’s another thing about lottery winners, 70% of lottery winners go broke in just a short amount of time after they win the lottery. Figure that one out, 70% of lottery winners go broke and it’s been proven, I looked up the statistics or one of my team did, winning the lottery makes you just slightly happier than being a quadriplegic in a car accident. Let me say that again, winning the lottery eventually makes you just slightly happier than being in a car accident and being a quadriplegic. I don’t believe that! That’s the truth, the statistics show that quadriplegics that are get paralyzed in car accidents are just slightly more not as happy as lottery winners. See, we get this ruse of what somehow our life is just going to be if we can just get money, if we can just get things, we’re going to be so much happier. And the reality is God wants you to have things, God wants you to be blessed, God wants you to have abundance but he doesn’t want us to go about it in the right way, in the right manner.

Mammon says, “buy and sell” and God says, “sow and reap.” Mammon will even get you to a place and start speaking to you and say, “I need to work 18-hour days and neglect my family for money.” And I was telling the guy I preached this up in Kelso last week, and a guy came, a crew of guys came up to me afterwards and they said, “That was for me this morning” and said, “I almost didn’t make it to church this morning because I was working this morning.” And I…. and they were there in their work clothes and they were going back and I said, “Bro! You need to break that spirit of Mammon over your life.” Jesus said this, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Now, nothing wrong with hard work, we all need to work hard and all those kinds of things but the reality is, you’re sowing will out give your saving process. And how do we deal with the spirit of Mammon? What’s the cure for a Mammon? What’s the cure for that thought? What’s the cure that can get in and cause all this heart trouble and mess up our lives? Simply trust the Lord. Proverbs says this, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not to your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he’ll direct your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and depart from evil. You’ll be healthier flesh and strength your bones. Honor the Lord with your possessions where the first fruits of all your increase so your barns will be filled with plenty, your vats will overflow with new wine.” So, there’s a really cool system. God says something about this, God has a system for us to get on, that breaks the spirit of greed or Mammon over our lives and it’s simply the trust system, that God wants us to trust him. Proverbs 1124 is it this way, “There’s one who scatters yet increases more. There is one who withholds more than his right but it leads to poverty. The generous soul will be made rich and he who waters will also be watered himself.” If you want a cure for agreed, its generosity. You cannot get in trouble with God, you cannot have a heart, you cannot have your heart go wacko and do crazy things. And I have seen so many people shipwrecked because they’re chasing dollar. I’ve seen people that have a lot of money shipwrecked and I’ve seen people more people that don’t have anything, chasing money and Mammon, rather than chasing God and shipwreck in that also.

Mark Hankins said this, I love this he said, “If you become addicted to being generous, God will support your habit.” You become addicted to, he said addicted to giving God will support your habit but I put this, if you become addicted to being generous, God will support your habit. God, not yourself determines whether you’re generous or not. Now, how do we know whether we’re generous or not? I’ll tell you, how it gives that. Have you ever given, it’s like someone, when you give an offering and so, maybe we’re doing something and we’re giving something, we’re playing believe in God and you give that offering and you think about it for about three weeks. You’ve probably entered generosity. If you can’t remember what it was, I’m not sure that’s even a generous thing but sometimes, God will require us to break that thing over our lives and keep that greed out of our lives. And he’ll require things from us and he’ll say, “Do this!” and you go, “What?”

So many times, the Lord told Theresa and I to do things and we, “you want me to do what?” And if you don’t have that, “you want me to do what?” every once a while, then you probably haven’t entered that generous place that God wants us to be in. I tell you what, I’ve mentioned this about our culture, I did a pastor’s thing and I was talking about culture, of a culture of churches and I said, well, this, the culture of our church is extremely generous. You are some of the most generous people I’ve ever known in my life, sitting right beside you probably as chances are is a really generous person because we have a generous Church. It’s amazing to me the generosity of our church and we just say a word and people are always doing something for people and it’s amazing to me. And Jordan mentioned something about one of his friends gave him something, I mean that’s just a normal conversation that we hear around face Center church all the time. And I think it’s so important that we keep that as a spirit of spirit upon our church. We want to be generous to our community. You know, face Center does, we’re doing stuff in the recovery world that cost us, you know it costs us a lot of money to do things in that world. I want to be generous than that. We’re doing things in Celso, we’re so on that campus in Celso and I’d like to say that the offerings pay for themselves and they’re on their way to pay them for themselves but it costs us a few thousand dollars sometimes a lot of thousands and thousands of dollars per month to meet the budget in Celso, sometimes. And we haven’t got to the place where that even pays for itself but we know that Celso needs a church. We know that Celso needs what’s here at Faith Center Church so, we don’t mind spinning the money up there and you know, then you know they don’t give away electric bills up there. I look at Seth and say you got to turn something off bro, that thing is high man.

I mean like that’s a whole wage for some people I mean, can’t the people just freeze during service on Sunday morning please, you know. And it cost us a faint fortune, I mean to do some of that stuff, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars a month. I believe in God for increase there but we feel like we need to do that. And it comes because we’re able to do that because we don’t get too concerned about it because this is a generous Church. This is because people decide you know, man, I believe in what we’re doing. We can.. we can outreach we can do something, we can do this thing, you know. We’re able to give the Philippines and J and Annalisa and their men, they’re seeing blind eyes open, all kinds of stuff and that’s because; of this generous church. There’s are 180 churches over the Philippines, that pastor Paul is kind of in charge of or he’s either in charge of directly or indirectly, he’s has a hundred and eighty churches and a lot of the reasons why he’s able to do that and go from place to place and do what he’s doing he’s because of this generous place. I’m telling you, yeah, I mean you’re looking right next to you, probably sitting right next to you is a generous person because this is a generous place and I’m so proud to be the pastor of this church. Well, where does it start? Malachi tells us this, Malachi gives us this thing about trusting God and he’s from the days of your father’s you’ve gone away, verse 7 he says, chapter Malachi chapter 3 verse 7, “From the days of your father you’ve gone away from our ordinances have not kept them, return to me and I’ll return to you, says the Lord of Hosts.

But you said what shall we return? He says will a man rob God, yet you’ve robbed me but you are saying what should we rob you in tithes and offerings your curse with a curse you’ve robbed me, even this whole nation brings all the tithes into the storehouse that there might be food in my house and try me now and this says the Lord of Hosts. If I’ll not open the windows of heaven and pour you out such a blessing they will not room having room enough to receive it and I’ll rebuke the Devourer for your sakes that will not destroy the fruit of your ground nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field says the Lord of hosts and all nations will call you blessed and you’ll be a delightsome land.”
Now again, I’m a pretty simple guy I think I’m pretty intelligent but I’m simple. I like things black and white.

So, let’s look at the word ‘blessed’ for a second. I want to.. want to get real deep with you, so, you can really see what the word blessed means. He talks about blessed and cursed, blessed and cursed, blessed and cursed, blessed and cursed. I don’t think God’s putting a curse on people, I think there’s just the curse that’s in the world called the second law of thermodynamics that just pulls everything down don’t have time to teach on that but there’s just a law in the universe that just drags everything down and without some kind of thing upon it to overcome that and something’s got to happen. So, there’s a blessing the cursing, now this is deep, watch this I’ve got my own definition of blessing and I’ve got my own definition of cursing and see if this makes sense to you.
A curse is a spiritual force that works against you, a blessing is a spiritual force that works for you. Deep, isn’t it? Would you agree with that?

Okay! So, he says, if I tithe, I’m blessed. So, I’m invoking a spiritual force that works for me. Now, how does that spiritual force work? He taught its tithe and give offerings. He says I’ll open the windows of heaven and pour you out such a blessing that you’ll not have room enough to receive. So, what does that mean? Does that mean God just like you know, you see him with a big you know, open the windows heaven and pour us out a blessing so on and so forth? I want to get a little bit deeper with you and just you know, you’ve heard me teach on some of you have heard me teach on this but I don’t want to get into it too deep today but I think it’s a little different. I think that what he’s what he’s basically saying is that, if you look at it in the context here he’s talking about the windows of heaven being open and in those days, the windows weren’t glass windows, you know; we now.. we have double pane and triple pane windows; but back then, there were just wood windows. So, in your house, if you wanted to it was cold outside you took these wood windows and you just shut the windows as tight as you can get and that kept in the heat as much as possible. What it also did is, obstructed the view to the outside world. So, when he says I’ll open the windows of heaven, maybe he opens the windows of heaven and now we have a view to the outside world that we didn’t have before. So, maybe financially the way he opens the windows of heaven to us, is maybe what he does; is it’s a real cool system, “oh, you want to break greed, tithe, give your offerings! You want to break greed, tithe, give your offerings!” When you do that, then I’m going to reward you for that, I’m going to open the windows of heaven and pour you out such a blessing, maybe what he pours out is an idea or a thought or a perspective that we couldn’t have before.

So maybe, you’re seeing a business deal that you didn’t know was there and maybe all of a sudden it comes to light and you see something, you couldn’t see before. And I told you the story how Theresa and I bought our house, that we have now and we negotiated on it. We bought five acres and we were going to make it a grandkid, we fixed it all up because it was thrashed and different things. And now they rezoned my whole area, they’re building 1500 houses right across the street from me. And I can build 56 houses on my property now. And I’ll make a few million dollars off of that, $300,000 investment. Well, how did that happen? He opened the windows of heaven, I saw something I couldn’t see before. What is it that you need to open up? Maybe God is just waiting on you or Robert said this that the, “to the tither the blessings are coming to them every day, they need to see and tap into that blessing” and I could tell you story after story after story I don’t even like talking about it because it sounds like I’m bragging. But I’m not bragging on me, I’m bragging on my Jesus. I’m bragging on my God that’s more than enough and he’s blessed me so much and I’ll tell you what some of the greatest deals I’ve ever done were because of the blessings from the Lord that’s kind of snuck behind my back, I didn’t even know he was doing it. And I just had that ability or the wherewithal to act on that and then he blessed me way beyond, what I could even imagine.

So, you want to kill greed in your life? You want to kill greed? You want to make sure your heart never enters the greed realm, never enters the realm of where your heart can be destroyed because many people get pierced through with finances? I’ve watched people after people after people after people after people after people after people after people after people shipwreck because they chased money rather than chase God. Now, what I mean by that is not, well we should just stop being successful in business. No, it’s just the opposite of that. It’s just the opposite of that. We’re not stopping what we’re doing. We’re just doing it with the right motives and watch God take it to a new level and bless as we give, then the Lord says, “Okay I’ll bless this business.” Here it comes these customer, here comes these people here comes these people comes these people here comes this here comes this here comes this and you say here it goes Lord here it goes Lord here it goes Lord. He says, well here it comes here it comes here it comes. There it goes there it goes, here it comes here it comes, there it goes here it comes here comes. And I think if you want to get to another level in your life, it’s a system that we can all operate on and you don’t have to be smart to enter the system. You don’t have to be educated, all you have to be is a person that says I trust the Lord.

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All In Service

Christmas 2018 – Christmas Eve

Christmas 2018 – Part 3

Christmas 2018 – Part 2

Christmas 2018 – Part 1

Stress – Part 2

Stress – Part 1

The Spirit of Thanksgiving

Guest Speaker Pastor Thom Fields

The Church’s Role in Politics

Overcoming Fear – Part 2

Overcoming Fear – Part 1

Overcoming Fear – Part 1

Biblical Economics

Guest Speaker Pastor Mark Hankins – Sunday PM

Guest Speaker Pastor Mark Hankins – Sunday AM

The Climb – Part 3

Guest Speaker Pastor Bill Scheer

The Climb – Part 2

The Climb – Part 1

Groundwork for Miracles – Part 2

Groundwork for Miracles – Part 1

Vindicated – Part 3

Vindicated – Part 2

Vindicated – Part 1

Easter 2018

Palm Sunday 2018

Relationship Panel

Relationship Panel

Facebook Official – Part 2

Facebook Official – Part 2

Facebook Official – Part 1

Facebook Official – Part 1

Crazy Love – Part 3

Crazy Love – Part 2

Crazy Love – Part 1

How to Take a Hit – Superbowl Sunday 2018

Putting God First – Part 4

Putting God First – Part 3

Putting God First – Part 2

Putting God First – Part 1

You Got to Get to Worthy

Power of Perspective

Power of Perspective

8 Days of Thanksgiving – Part 2

8 Days of Thanksgiving – Part 2

8 Days of Thanksgiving – Part 1

8 Days of Thanksgiving – Part 1

Pastor Bill Scheer – 2017

Pastor Bill Scheer – 2017

#MOOD – Part 6 – Love

#MOOD – Part 5 – Fear

#MOOD – Part 5 – Fear

#MOOD – Part 4 – Depression

#MOOD – Part 4 – Depression

#MOOD – Part 3 – greed

#MOOD – Part 2 – Joy

#MOOD – Part 1 – Anger

Prophet Ruckins McKinley – Blast Off 2017 – Sunday PM Service

Prophet Ruckins McKinley – Blast Off 2017 – Sunday PM Service

Prophet Ruckins McKinley – Blast Off 2017 – Sunday AM Service

Prophet Ruckins McKinley – Blast Off 2017 – Sunday AM Service

Rick Sharkey – Blast Off 2017

Rick Sharkey – Blast Off 2017

Brian Welch – Blast Off – 11AM

Brian Welch – Blast Off – 11AM

Brian Welch – Blast Off – 9AM

Brian Welch – Blast Off – 9AM

At the Movies – Part 5

At the Movies – Part 4

At the Movies – Part 3

At the Movies – Part 2

At the Movies – Part 1

The Ghost – Part 3

The Ghost – Part 2

The Ghost – Part 1

Freedom Service 2017

Freedom Service 2017

Don’t be Basic – Essentials to an Uncommon Life – Part 6

Don’t be Basic – Essentials to an Uncommon Life – Part 5

Don’t be Basic – Essentials to an Uncommon Life – Part 4

Principle of Firsts

Principle of Firsts

Don’t be Basic – Essentials to an Uncommon Life – Part 3

Don’t be Basic – Essentials to an Uncommon Life – Part 2

Don’t be Basic – Essentials to an Uncommon Life – Part 1

You Asked For It

You Asked For It

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Entering Holy Week

Entering Holy Week

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 5

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 4

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 3

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 2

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 1

Relationships 2017 – Part 3 – Singles Panel

Relationships 2017 – Part 3 – Singles Panel